No more $10 KFC popcorn chicken buckets?

Let’s say you are the CEO of a convenience store and one of your products needs to be recalled quickly due to safety issues. What should be your first step? Traditional advertising such as TV or newspaper ads may be an option as your second or third step but it certainly should not be your... Continue Reading →


“Darth Vader” mask for private phone calls?

Don’t want people to spy on your phone conversation about your secret mission with the FBI? Hushme’s got your back! Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, Hushme is a device that masks the wearer’s mouth and blocks his/her voice so that people in the vicinity can’t hear the wearer’s... Continue Reading →

Breast exploding during tattoo session?

Ever heard of the term “six degrees of separation”? Well, it’s the idea that you can connect to anyone in the world through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. Essentially, if you share something with a friend, and your friend shares it with his/her friend and so on, within six... Continue Reading →

Controlling your car with your smartphone?

With the technology we have today, almost nothing is impossible. Life has become so convenient, we can do almost anything ever-so-efficiently with just a few clicks. Hungry? Use UberEats and have food delivered right to your door! Need to get rid of some old clothes? Snap a few pictures and sell away on eBay! On... Continue Reading →

Will you pay to use social media?

So personally, I don’t really use Facebook for the sake of connecting with friends, but rather to stay updated on news or trends by following various pages like 9 News Melbourne, 9GAG or The Lad Bible. They usually post short funny videos that play automatically on my screen during lectures, and I never had a... Continue Reading →

April Fools’ joke gone too far?

Saw some weird and unusual news or posts lately? Yup, last week was of course, April Fools’ Day! Every year, many organizations in various industries make use of this one day to showcase their humorous and creative side. But other than giving people a good laugh, is there more to this April Fool’s tradition? April Fools’... Continue Reading →

Selling real estate on Snapchat?

So apparently, if you are currently in the United States and are searching for apartments to rent or purchase, you can now do that on Snapchat! Yup, the Snapchat mobile app where users can message and also share live photos and videos that remain visible to their followers for 24 hours. For creator Dolly Meckler... Continue Reading →

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