Selling real estate on Snapchat?

So apparently, if you are currently in the United States and are searching for apartments to rent or purchase, you can now do that on Snapchat!

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Yup, the Snapchat mobile app where users can message and also share live photos and videos that remain visible to their followers for 24 hours.

For creator Dolly Meckler and Michael Hoffman, Snapchat’s live video sharing feature is what inspired them to create this new real estate service on Snapchat, called “SnapListings”. According to The Oregonian, “SnapListings” is an account run by licensed real estate brokers who take followers into listed apartments by recording videos of the interiors and exteriors, ultimately creating a virtual experience for their potential customers. To use their service, simply add “SnapListings” as a friend on Snapchat!

“SnapListings” QR Code (Source: Snaplistings)

This is yet another example of a traditional business embracing the digital world. With globalization and digitalization, more and more businesses are now active on websites and various social media platforms to keep up with their customers’ online habits and needs. And generally speaking, it seems to be an effective strategy for businesses to increase its marketing channels and recognition through the digital world.

For example, Boost Juice’s mobile app, “Free The Fruit” allows users to win coupons and discounts to use in-store while playing fruit-related games. I believe this sort of campaign or approach is very suitable for businesses in the food and beverage industry because it has the capacity to increase sales and popularity simultaneously.

“Free The Fruit” Screenshots  (Source: Ausdroid)

But is it always beneficial for businesses to digitalize?

In my opinion, absolutely not! Can you imagine a company in the funeral industry advertising their latest coffin product or service on Facebook or Instagram?

Of course, that may be an extreme example but I hope you get the idea.

Which brings me back to “SnapListings”. My only positive impression of them is the convenience to skip the open house inspections, but honestly that’s about it! In fact, if you were to actually purchase or rent an apartment, you will eventually have to inspect anyway.

To me, it seems to be even more of a hassle to add them as friend, sit around and wait for them to post new listings, then message them for further information which will certainly bring me to a third-party platform, when I can just personalize my search and efficiently get all the information I need on a single proper real estate website!

Skeptical Meme (Source: Create Meme)

So all in all, I’m not in favor of “SnapListings”. I believe it is crucial for businesses to consider not only the suitability to digitalize but also offer enough or more value than existing competitors in order to succeed.

However, as of now, “SnapListings” seems to be profiting and is expanding from New York to Washington, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, etc.

Now, what do you think of “SnapListings”? Do you think Snapchat is a good platform for real estate businesses? If not, what social media platform(s) would you recommend? Share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Selling real estate on Snapchat?

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  1. I think the idea of ‘Snaplistings’ is great but the application of it could be improved. It doesn’t seem like theyre targeting a specific market through snapchat because a lot of young people use it. People who buy houses are generally a little older and this just means that if they want to see these snap stories they have to take a further step and download the Snapchat app in the first place! However i do definitely agree that depending on the company and products you provide/sell, being active in the digital world is essential

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    1. Yea exactly, young people are probably not financially well off enough to purchase an apartment yet so it feels like this Snapchat thing is just some selling-point to generate buzz. I also agree with you that being active in the digital world in this day and age is definitely essential, but like I mentioned in the post, businesses need to consider the nature of their business and whether the digital platform they choose is suitable. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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